Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sometimes, when you think you've got life figured out.. something happens and you're back to being confused and lost. Thats where I kinda stand right now.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Planners for 2013

So I am helping my sister get her planner for next year. She wanted something real colorful and extremely girly for her and her friend. So far this is what I got..

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Trying to figure out what color scheme to utilize for an Executive Office.


Great day

Thank you Lord for enabling and answering our prayers. My sister is a certified Civil Engineer!!!

Good day!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Today isn't just another Sunday.

Sunday mornings are usually spent with my family and friends. Usually its the routinized schedule of getting up, grabbing a quick breakfast and getting ready for church. Right after church, we usually help out with the weekly collections, in a way its our way of serving and volunteering for that week's mass. Right after everything is settled and in order.. we'd all spend the rest of the day eating brunch, catching up with everything and just practically having a good time.

Although today was different because today is when my sister takes up her board exam for Civil Engineering and so she couldn't attend the mass this week. I prayed that she'd make the cut and pass the exam. I know she's been working really hard to earn  good grades and I also know that she is a bright individual. I sometimes think that she's so much more independent than I am. But then again, we both have completely different personalities and it feels good seeing her grow up and mature.

Also, a childhood friend of mine, Angelica.. whom usually spends the Sundays with us.. is now in Florida for a one-year internship as a culinary arts student.

The two people I am so used to spending my Sundays with not being around, feels sort of odd. I guess the change is for the good. Everyones' lives are evolving and I feel like mine isn't revolving at the same pace. Probably slower. I don't think thats a good thing even. I shouldn't let myself get used to this. Anyways, I guess that's all I have to vent on for now. My mom has a couple of days left until she's off home. I think my dad needs her more than we do, he's been sick for over a week now so please keep him in your prayers.

Have a good weekend.
God bless,

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Day

Jamba. Subway. Bayo.

Thank you Lord for giving me healthy parents who are able to support and be with us everytime we're in need. I appreciate everything you've done to our family. Every blessing you have given us. Although there are minor struggles here and there, I know that you have better plans for us. I love you, Lord and once again thank you.

Its been a long day :)
Happy Turkey Day everyone.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I am slowly finding things that are inspiring me.
Its still tough to keep out from pessimistic remarks but I don't think there's completely a way to avoid it. I think you just have to find ways to deal with it otherwise, you'll just never get over it. I bought a couple of brewed iced-tea from Army Navy along with two boxes of Que Rida Mia's Baja Chicken. Withing a few minutes everything was gobbled and gone. 

When you have blessings, its best to enjoy it by sharing it amongst others.

Anyways, good day to everyone and hope you all a good start :D

Friday, November 16, 2012